Developed to create wonderful moodle sites

Flexible makes moodle themes creation easy.
Just configure some settings to create a wonderful theme for your moodle site.

What is Flexible?

Flexible is a fork of Adaptable and his continuity in the future.
It goes one step beyond adding more features and settings.

Why Flexible?

We needed to clean the old Adaptable code because it became difficult to manage due the inheritances from the former base theme, and keeping the compatibility with old moodle versions already deprecated.
And also to fix hundreds of bugs and issues raised when updating the theme for BS4.

Now, more 30% of the code is new or rewrited from scratch and ready to grow in the future.


  • +6000

    new lines of code

    Functions, styles...

  • +9000

    lines of code removed

    Bugs and obsolete code

  • +70

    new settings

    Colours, layout, buttons...

Compared with Adaptable 2.x

New Features and Improvements


  • Is Flexible compatible with former Adaptable?
    Due the heavy changes made in the code, it is only compatible partially.
  • When will be Flexible theme available to download?
    The theme is still in development (Alpha version) and not available for public use. The first Beta version (with restricted access) is scheduled by the end of December 2020 and a first RC version (public access) is scheduled by January 2021 (dates still pending confirmation).
  • Where can I download Flexible?
    It will be available for download only on this website.
  • Will you provide technical support?
    Yes. We will provide technical support and services (installation, configuration,...), custom development and .
  • What versions of moodle will Flexible theme compatible with?
    Flexible will be compatible with moodle version 3.9 and newer.

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